E-SIS a participé aux 16th IFIP Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises (PRO-VE'15) - 5-7 octobre 2015 à Albi et a présenté le document suivant sur l'avancement de ses travaux de recherche

Sabri Hamana, Vincent Augusto, Xiaolan Xie

Abstract. Health systems around the world have been continuously subject to many questions about their performance. In order to improve the functioning of such systems, Health Information Systems (HIS) and Technologies (HIT) are deployed to support patient care pathways and ensure information exchange between health structures, actors of patient care. The aim of this paper is to propose a generic modelling framework for describing the exchange of information between health institutions in the context of patient's care, concerning a given chronic pathology. The purpose is to facilitate building of flow models starting from the proposed modelling framework, those models will be used to support quantitative evaluation through discrete event simulation, useful to evaluate the impact of communication between health institutions on patient care pathway. This work is a part of a research project entitled e-SIS (“Assessment in Health Information Systems”), project funded by the French health ministry (DGOS) as part of its research program called PREPS (“Research Program on Performance of Healthcare Systems”).


Keywords: patient care pathway, hospital, City health facilities, information systems, interactions, generic modelling framework.